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WaterSpark knows the value of water and the value water brings to business

We challenge corporates to take part in contributing to solving our 21st century water challenges by leveraging their global reach, skills, workforce and speed in implementing programs. WaterSpark taps into this power by working with those organizations to scale and fast track their impact strategies by focusing on innovation, impact and expanding business ecosystems to solve sustainable water challenges. 

Translating Urgency into Action on Water

The strength of WaterSpark lies in the know-how of the water sector, capable of bringing new worlds in contact with water. We have a close cooperation with our anchor friends, who mobilize talent, capital and provide access to their knowledge, dealflow and most importantly their international network. WaterSpark wants to seize opportunities for collaboration and centralize this knowledge to foster innovation together. 

"A team dedicated to empowering the water innovation ecosystem through the programmes we build, the resources we provide and collaborations we strengthen."

How we help?

Impact Strategy

We work with organizations on their Impact strategy. This by means of strategic partnerships, design & implement sustainability & innovation programs to drive sustainable impact & business value at the same time

Collective Action

We believe collective action drives change. There are many great initiatives supporting the water ecosystem but need support with network, knowledge and resources. WaterSpark is there to provide this

Tailored Programs

We design, develop and implement a mix of innovative programming for a more water resilient future. Our programs focus on providing access to global customer and investor networks, global visibility and industry mentorship

Our mixed-method approach


WaterSpark is an advocate  to increase the flow of capital into disruptive water technologies. 

We work on ways to structurally connect startups and scaleups with smart capital and address bottlenecks which prevent global growth and impact



WaterSpark can build on expertise identifying and scaling early stage ventures with the greatest potential to drive rapid solutions to our water challenges.

We have access to the largest database of early stage water technologies and have the ability to open a global network to connect the two. 

Sharing this vast knowledge as well as our extensive network, makes us an essential link for startups, corporates and investors ready to make impact

& Engagement

We wants to make water a household conversation. This by positive global on and offline awareness campaigns. Through modern marketing tools such as influencers and bringing the water topic to the youth and public (sport) events. We believe you can inspire, unite and activate communities around the water issues we face globally.


Education is powerful because it brings lasting change. Projects must not only trigger business or technical evolution, but they must inspire youth, students and everyone else to learn and participate in what it takes to solve the water challenges.

Interested in learning more on how to make impact with water?