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WaterSpark knows the value of water and the value water brings to business

Water is the critical resource for food, energy and any manufactured product. Water is a finite resource that is over-allocated, in increasing demand and poorly managed. Water is at the core of sustainable development and is critical for social economic development and for human survival itself

WaterSpark challenges companies to take part in contributing to solving our 21st century water challenges by leveraging their global reach, skills, workforce and speed in implementing programs. WaterSpark taps into this power by working with those organizations to scale and fast track innovation & Impact/CSR strategies on SDG 6 to create sustainable impact

Your engine to drive sustainable impact and business value at the same time

WaterSpark is a team with extensive experience in building global water programs and impact strategies with a deep engagement and understanding of the water (innovation) ecosystem and being able to bring new worlds together. We have a close cooperation with our anchor friends, who mobilize talent, capital and provide access to their knowledge, dealflow and most importantly their international network. WaterSpark wants to seize opportunities for collaboration and centralize this knowledge to foster innovation together to drive sustainable impact and business value at the same time

"A team dedicated to empowering the water innovation ecosystem through the programmes we build, the resources we provide and collaborations we strengthen."

Our lines of action to align business goals with SDG 6

b2w & w2b

We work on ways to increase the flow of capital and revenue into water technologies & other projects. From setting up water Innovation hubs at trade shows to connecting  water with the world of sports 


WaterSpark has access to the largest database of emerging technologies. We collaborate within the innovation ecosystem to design, develop and implement programs that connects water solutions with potential investors, clients and knowledge partners enabling business to scale up

Brand activation & awareness

Awareness drives investments and impact. We support companies in their brand exposure & activation to create positive global on & offline campaigns. Through the use of modern marketing tools such as influencers & social media and through events we inspire, unite and activate communities around the water issues we face globally.

Shape water strategies

We shape water strategies related to CSR, awareness, sustainability,  marketing  and innovation in connection with water. From facilitating a water workshop for a corporate, building the sustainability strategy for a water tech, to organizing a sport & water symposium to bring new worlds together

Interested in learning more on how to make impact with water?