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Achieve meaningful change to the status quo in water

To help achieve the broader mission of addressing the water crisis will require a multi-faceted approach including: awareness and behavioural change in consumer habits; accelerating innovation; educate the public on water issues, unlock capital and much more. Therefore WaterSpark has been established, an initiative to achieve meaningful change to the status quo in water. WaterSpark is initiating and supporting programs & projects that focus on education, awareness & accelerating innovation. We create partnerships across key stakeholders and promote the Valuing Water Principles.  

The aim of WaterSpark is to drive the development of innovative water solutions resulting in economic profitability with environmental and social advancement.

Enough is enough and time is running out

Half of the world’s population is projected to live in a water-stressed area by 2050. The water and waste water market is valued at USD 0.6 trillion annually, water distress drives significant growth of the industry to a forecasted USD 1 trillion by 2025. 60% of water issues globally only can be solved by innovative technologies, but business across the value chain lack funding to scale.  USD 11.7 trillion water infrastructure investment needed until 2030 to address only the current water issues. 

We will not achieve SDG 6 with the current tools: mindset, technologies, investment strategies, business models and partnerships. There is no shortage of public and private sector initiatives, conferences, corporate social responsibility targets, reporting and pledges. However, we are approaching ever increasing water challenges with the same thinking and tools that got us here. 

The WaterSpark Strategy & Actions

We combine water awareness programs with an ecosystem of innovators and investors to rapidly scale water solutions

By using a push (government & corporate engagement) and pull (consumer education & awareness) strategy and through tangible action, we want to reshape how  people, businesses, governments, and organizations share knowledge and find ways to rethink, recover, and reuse water with the goal of protecting the natural resources and ecosystems that communities everywhere depend on. While there is no single answer to the water challenges, we are collaborating to promote water development, education and engagement, innovation efforts to catalyze investments solutions to avert current and future water challenges globally.

Why is WaterSpark not just another program, platform, initiative, etc

Our mission

Catalyzing innovative water solutions resulting in economic profitability with environmental and social advancement.

Our Approach

WaterSpark inspires, educates and connects entrepreneurs, utilities, industries, investors and the public. We provide people and programs with the knowledge, solutions and skills they need to advance water and climate change adaption and help building a more  sustainable and inclusive future. 

Our multi-faceted approach is focused on four pillars: 

Unlock Capital

WaterSpark is an advocate  to increase the flow of capital into disruptive water technologies. 

We work on ways to structurally connect startups and scaleups with smart capital and address bottlenecks which prevent global growth and impact



WaterSpark can build on many years of expertise identifying and scaling early stage ventures with the greatest potential to drive rapid solutions to our water challenges.

We have access to the largest database of early stage water technologies and have the ability to open a global network to connect the two. 

Sharing this vast knowledge as well as our extensive network, makes us an essential link for startups, corporates and investors ready to make impact

& Engagement

We wants to make water a household conversation. This by positive global on and offline awareness campaigns. Through modern marketing tools such as influencers and bringing the water topic to the youth and public (sport) events. We believe you can inspire, unite and activate communities around the water issues we face globally.


Education is powerful because it brings lasting change. Projects must not only trigger business or technical evolution, but they must inspire youth, students and everyone else to learn and participate in what it takes to solve the water challenges.

Interested in learning more and supporting our mission to solve water?