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Category: Capital

Rabobank Masterclass – Value of Water

Together with our alliance partner PureTerra, we have organized a masterclass for executives & relationship managers within Rabobank. They want to increase the role that water currently plays within Rabobank.
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PureTerra Ventures – ESG & Impact Strategy

PureTerra Ventures is an investment firm focused on disruptive water technologies with a positive social impact. WaterSpark has been consulting Holland Capital around implementing Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) & sustainability
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CREO’s Impact investment in water report- Conduct research and share knowledge

As this field continues to develop, it is important to highlight areas for investors to keep in mind, especially around the shift away from centralized wastewater treatment. The report covers
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‘Impact of Water’ Roundtable at AVPN 2019 in Singapore – create awareness & unlock capital

Fundamentally the global water industry is rapidly moving from a state of abundance to a state of scarcity, with water supplies worldwide increasingly under stress. There is no substitute for
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