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Category: Education

Isle’s Water Action Platform: Learning and best practices

The Water Action Platform is an initiative launched by Isle. Isle’s Water Action Platform provides a forum for the sharing of learning and best practice across the water sector. It
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IWA-Isle Innovation Hub Sri Lanka 2018 – access to network and market

Partnerships are key to Innovate to solve water issue was a statement made by many stakeholders at the IWA Water and Development Congress in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Not for nothing
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CREO’s Impact investment in water report- Conduct research and share knowledge

As this field continues to develop, it is important to highlight areas for investors to keep in mind, especially around the shift away from centralized wastewater treatment. The report covers
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‘Impact of Water’ Roundtable at AVPN 2019 in Singapore – create awareness & unlock capital

Fundamentally the global water industry is rapidly moving from a state of abundance to a state of scarcity, with water supplies worldwide increasingly under stress. There is no substitute for
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United Wavemakers: reaching the next gen through athletes & students

We want to reach the next generation worldwide to create awareness and inspire them how they can make a difference by taking action. Reaching new generation and making them enthusiastic
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ImagineH2o Smart Water Hub Aquatech at China 2018

Accelerating a path to catalyze water solutions in China – The Smart Water Hub at Aquatech China 2018 From May 31 to June 2, 2018, WaterSpark partners, Isle Utilities and PureTerra Ventures organized in
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