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'Impact of Water' Roundtable at AVPN 2019 in Singapore - create awareness & unlock capital

Fundamentally the global water industry is rapidly moving from a state of abundance to a state of scarcity, with water supplies worldwide increasingly under stress. There is no substitute for clean water. With global freshwater supply fixed, an increase in treatment quantity requires investment in more and more efficient technologies, at increasing incremental cost.

Investing in innovative water technologies is crucial to solve the world’s water problem and it will make a tremendous and sustainable impact towards a global steady freshwater supply. To share this message amongst impact investors, WaterSpark went to AVPN Singapore. AVPN is a leading ecosystem builder that is increasing the flow of capital into the social sector and ensuring that resources are most effectively deployed

WaterSpark was given the opportunity to host a round table around the topic  ‘the impact of water’. We were fortunate to discuss the deployment of capital in water with many family offices, banks, corporates, and funds. Some of the facts we shared with the AVPN audience were:

  • Only 2,5% of global water reserves is freshwater. Only a fraction of freshwater reserves are available for immediate human use
  • If no additional measures are taken, freshwater demand is expected to exceed supply by 40% in 2030.
  • Water stress will not be limited to underdeveloped countries, but will also have a significant impact on developed areas.

Through these endeavors we wants to create global awareness, share knowledge and expertise, and catalyzing investment solutions to prevent water challenges.

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