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Water & Waste Tech 4 Food Forum at VIV Europe 2018

VIV Europe is a premier event in the industry. With 20.000+ visitors from 136 countries and almost 600 exhibiting companies it brings professionals active in the production of pig, poultry, eggs, fish and dairy together in Utrecht, at the World Expo from Feed to Food (

Water usage in the Feed to Food supply chain is tremendous. Livestock production alone accounts for one-third of the world’s fresh water usage. To address these water and waste usages within the Feed to Food Industry, VIV Europe has hosted the Water & Waste Tech 4 Food Forum. This initiative organized by WaterSparks core supporters provided a platform to discuss and showcase the urgent challenges and needs from the end user’s perspective and provide a first-hand view to the standardized and cutting edge technical solutions available globally that can dramatically reduce water consumption and meet the current and pending regulations.

The forum is organized for the current VIV visitors and exhibitors and for new water technology companies to provide them direct access to business executives and stakeholders across the overall industry where water and its usage has become a highly regulated resource.

Water & Waste Tech 4 Food Forum: Agenda

  • The Water Footprint in the Feed to Food Industry by Arjen de Vries, Partner of Water Footprint Implementation and General Manager of Acacia Water
  • Dutch Innovative Water Solutions for the Meat & Dairy Production Process by Alex Berhitu, Manger Business Development, Water Alliance
  • Circular economy in Meat Processing Nijhuis Industries’ solutions for sustainable water-use and resource recovery in agri business by Menno Holterman, CEO Nijhuis Industries
  • Discover global innovative technologies for reducing environmental footprint of the meat processing sector by Erik Driessen, Head Industrial Water, Isle Utilities 

WWT4F – Panel Discussion Moderator Annelies Schenk, Executive Director, WaterSpark

Panel Members:

•            Menno Holterman, CEO Nijhuis Industries

•            Erik Driessen, Head of Industrial Water Isle Utilities

•            Alex Berhitu, Manger Business Development Water Alliance

•            Alexander Crowell, Managing Director PureTerra Ventures

•            Arjen de Vries, Partner of Water Footprint Implementation & General Manager of Acacia Water

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