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United Wavemakers: reaching the next gen through athletes & students

We want to reach the next generation worldwide to create awareness and inspire them how they can make a difference by taking action. Reaching new generation and making them enthusiastic about water is important. We belief that by educating and engaging future young leaders, we are facilitating the development of powerful innovation and leadership in water.

Therefore we support the Dutch Wavemakers program. This program builds a community of young water ambassadors with a range of partners. These ambassadors – the Dutch and international Wavemakers – are specially trained water sport talents and students who study water and energy-related topics at institutes for higher education.

They are especially capable of reaching a new generation and making them enthusiastic for topics and questions in the area of water and energy, both in the Netherlands and abroad. Surrounding their activities, new networks emerge.

WaterSpark is endorsing and supporting the Dutch Wavemaker program through an advisory role for the global training program, mentorship, opening up our global network and we matched Jiachao to make him the first Chinese Wavemaker. Read more here

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